Products - Rod end and air-conditioner parts
Our partner factory was founded in August 1991,covers an area of 18,000 square meters, employees 300 people, including: senior title of professional and technical personnel 30 people, has passed ISO9001; ISO9002 standards and TS16949,

Company is mainly engaged in air-conditioning parts and rod end of the production and service, with automatic molding production line, assembly line and other advanced production processing equipment 320 sets, the establishment of a sound quantitative analysis, testing methods. The joints with an annual output of air conditioning parts is 38 million sets, rod end: 6 million sets.
Product views
1.Rod end bearing shell series
2.Trust ball rod series
3.Auto part series: steering linkage joint,rocker arm,V-shape trust rod ball,joint part of steering linkage,joint of boost cylinder,V-shaped ball assembly,V-shaped ball seat, bar shell ect.
4.Tie rod assembly series: ball link,connectiong rod,rod assembly
5.Excavator part series: large bearing block,bearing block end cap,stainless steel flanges
6.Cylinder joint series: forklift cylinder joint,hydraulic cylinder ring,forklift joint bearing shell,welded rod end joint bearing shell,welded hydraulic cylinder ring,forklift frame
7.Air conditioner parts: brass pipe joint,copper nut,brass distributor,flow poston,filter,nozzle joint,check valve,T-shape three-way pipe,claw-shape three-way pipe,Y-shape three-way pipe,split-flow three-way pipe,bend,red copper knockout
8.Other coming drawing parts
Factory views